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Despite the pre-war structure sitting on a street corner in Singapore proudly displaying "1916" on its exterior, the creative studio which calls the old building home is still in its early years, and yet has been not-so-quietly making waves in the international entertainment world of comics, games and film.

Imaginary Friends Studios is founded by friends, Stanley"Artgerm" Lau, one of the top artists on with over 5 million page views and counting; Kendrick "Kunkka" Lim, a games designer previously working in a Tokyo based game studio; and Kai “Ukitakumuki" Lim, who at 19 had already art directed two major game mods for Half-Life 2 including Hull Breach and Nuclear Dawn.

Imaginary is much more than a concept art, comics and illustration studio. With its "By-artists-for-artists” mantra and its small but ever-increasing cult-like online fan following (it has approximately 8 million page views collectively for its artists' art blogs), Imaginary truly represents a next-gen creative approach to the creative business by hot-housing its established and fresh new talents, delivering creative services and content to a global audience.

As a testament to its runaway success, in the span of only 4 years, Imaginary has accumulated 35 full-time artists on staff between its two studios in Singapore and Jakarta. During that time, Imaginary artists have serviced international clients such as DC Comics, Top Cow, Soleil, Virgin Animation, Intel, Marvel Entertainment, UpperDeck, Wizkids, Electronic Arts, Cartoon Network, MTV, Nokia, Penny Arcade, Gentle Giant Studios, Games Workshop, 4Kids, Fantasy Flight Games, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Animax, Alderac, Code Collective, Sony Online Entertainment, Avatars of War, Zombie Studios, Paizo, Pixelstorm and White Wolf among many others. As a further testament of the studio's dedication to quality and professionalism, most of these clients continue to be serviced by Imaginary.

Imaginary has handled a spectrum of projects and properties including some of the top entertainment titles such as, Dragonlance Chronicles, GI Joe, Batman, Justice League, Superman, Exalted, Witchblade, Madam Mirage, Twilight Guardian, Lady Pendragon, Contra 4, F.E.A.R. NBA Street Basketball, Dungeons & Dragons, Powerpuff Girls, Call of Duty, DOTA, World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Soul Calibur 3 & 4, Street Fighter, Sleepy Hollow, Star Wars Galaxies, Legend of the Five Rings, Pathfinder, Dinosaur Kings, as well as promotional and licensing material for major motion pictures including Spiderman 3, Surf's Up, and Batman: Dark Knight.

The studio, now partners with Peach Blossoms Media (Singapore), was also recently chosen to lead and create the concepts and designs for the multi-platform, Singapore-based animation LaMB animation project in collaboration with Animax and Peach Blossoms

While enjoying the opportunity for collaboration and to work on properties that they already love as fans, Imaginary also has its own original properties in development to be launched in 2009 for various markets ranging from comics, to film, to new media and merchandizing and for various demographics.

By bringing together a powerhouse collective of a new generation of artists capable of delivering a diversity of creative approaches running the gamut of western to eastern styles, Imaginary is delivering creative services and content for the new global entertainment market.

As a studio, Imaginary and its stable of artists continue to enjoy frequent cover and interior features with international art publications such as 2D Artist, ImagineFX, Artzmania,90+10 and international art annuals such as Spectrum, Exotic and Expose. The studio was even featured separately in FHM South Africa and FHM Singapore.

More importantly, the Imaginary team are fulfilling their dreams as artists and creative people by simply doing what they love, doing it well and doing it the way it needs to.

For more inspiring imagery and a peek into the creative chaos of the studio, visit



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